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Ruggedness is the fundamental virtue of home-made pasta.
This is what makes our pasta entirely similar to home-made pasta.
The best durum wheat semola and a high percentage of eggs are the basic but indispensable ingredients which constitute and characterize our pasta.
These are two simple elements conferring that exclusive ruggedness as well as guaranteeing excellent cooking properties. It is this yellow and tough dough that envelops our delicious fillings and is used as such to make the other formats.
The ruggedness that holds the condiments offers pleasantness to the palate and excites those who try.

That fresh pasta is so admirably rugged and tough; you can see it at a glance!
Its colour is intense, typical of the authenticity of its ingredients and the grain, conferred by the use of semola and bronze drawing, is visible even when packaged.

touch it
Yield to the temptation of touching it:
“Tagliatelle, Garganelli, Tortellini, Tortelli, Cappelletti”;
Fresh pasta will, even uncooked, continue to reveal its superb, proud ruggedness to the touch.

feel it
Cook it and dish it out piping hot in broth or with a sauce.
At the broth test Tortellini and Cappelletti reveal their noble origins emerging like tiny islands of taste.
In the pasta with sauce it is the ruggedness that holds the condiment and its flavour, capturing it delicately.
Taste adds to taste for the pleasure of those serving the table. And of those sitting at that table.